Kareem rabbat

I am a rising senior studying Environmental Engineering with a certificate in Engineering for Humanity. I will be graduating in April of 2020. I am interested in researching bioremediation, ecological engineering, chemistry, and sustainable development. I am currently working on a summer research project focussed on finding microbial degraders of persistent organic pollutants (BPA and nonylphenol) in watersheds.

Interests: Engineers for a Sustainable World, The Aquaponics Project, The Green Fund Advisory Board, Tutoring, Snowboarding, Surfing, Rock Climbing, Cooking, Playing soccer, Playing guitar and Fly Fishing

Contact: kar209@pitt.edu


Aamil shah

I am a sophomore studying bioengineering and taking a certificate in sustainability. My research interests include sustainability in biological systems, cellular engineering, ecological engineering, and environmental biology. I am currently working with Drs. Haig and Stephens on a project aimed at using microbes healing cracks in concrete (Bio-concrete). 

Interests: Pitt ARTificial, Theta Tau, Beta Theta Pi, Global Ties. 

Contact: ads191@pitt.edu



I am currently a rising senior student at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Civil Engineering with a focus on Structural Engineering. I expect to graduate in May, 2020 and plan to pursue a master degree on Structural Engineering after completing my undergraduate.

I am very interested in research relating to building and bridge structures. I am currently working with Drs. Haig, Sachs, and Stephens on a project aimed at using microbes healing cracks in concrete (Bio-concrete). 

Interests: Structural Engineering, Architecture, Engineering Management, Language, Travel, and Cats

Contact: biw20@pitt.edu