Haig Research Group

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Research in the Haig group combines environmental microbiology, environmental chemistry, and public health to improve water quality with a focus on drinking water systems.

The aim of the Haig research group is to develop and advance our understanding of the drinking water microbiome; how to manipulate it to provide safer water in a more energy-efficient way, and understand its role in human health.


AUGUST 2019: We broke out of our escape room in 57:37min - great first annual Haig Group building day

JULY 2019: Kareem Rabbat awarded 2nd prize for his summer MCSI research scholarship.

JUNE 2019: Welcome to Sarah Pitell who will be starting her PhD research in the fall

MAY 2019: Welcome to undergraduate summer researchers Kareem Rabbat and Aamil Shah who are supported by Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation summer scholarships.

APRIL 2019: We are excited to begin our NSF RAPID grant with Emily Elliott to study the environmental effects of Pittsburgh’s drinking water anti-corrosion treatments on Pittsburgh’s urban streams.

MARCH 2019: Congratulations to Isaiah Spencer-Williams for being awarded a Pitt Strive PhD fellowship

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